Sunday, 18 December 2011

Wonderful day yesterday.

The rainbow outside Chrissy's house.......
....... At the Cremetorium as well.
Lovely to see the vase is still there and the council have strapped it to the support for the rose tree.
Flowers for my dad x x
Cream tea at Saltram.

It was my dads birthday yesterday so I made arrnagements to visit my dads plaque in the rememberance garden. I went with my friend, Chrissy. Her dad is buried there and she has a memorial there for her sister as well. When we left chrissy's house to go to the cremetorium, there was the most beautiful rainbow, it stretched right across the sky, a beautiful bow shape.
We got to the cremetorium and it was still there, it was so magical, it made the day even more special. We left a rose each for Debbie, our lovely friend who lost her life to mesothelioma last year.
It was very windy, we had a struggle getting to the memorial garden, I had flowers and a brolly and Chrissy had her hand on my wig, just incase it decided to take flying lessons!

I was so pleased to see that the council had tied the vases that I have for my dad and my cousin, to the peice of wood that is supporting the rose trees.
I was ready to buy new ones as they keep going missing.
We left flowers at my dads plaque and at my ousin Robert's. We made our way to Chrissy's dad's grave and left some flowers for him. We had a few tears between us as we both miss our dads so much. We walked back up the path to get back in my car, the rainbow had now gone, we decided to go to Saltram as it is quieter than town, and have a cuppa. Such a lovely day, we had a cream tea between us, beautiful. a perfect end to a lovely afternoon.

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