Monday, 31 October 2011

First day out in my little car since Thrusday.

Having a coffee in town.
The ice rink it back in the city centre again. I love seeing this, it means Christmas isn't far away and it gives the centre the festive feeling.

I got up this morning thinking Kieran didn't have school. He said his teaching assistant had told him Monday was a teacher training day. Seems that was wrong as 8:37am approached and what should be outside waiting for him but a bus to take him to school.
Here I am in my dressing gown and wigless standing on the front doorstep telling the driver I would take Kieran to school..... How embarrasing!!!
Kieran got ready and sorted for school, I got myself sorted out too and off we went.
On the way back from dropping him off I popped into the bed shop where I bought my single bed 2 years ago. It is so comfortable, I need a double bed for my new bedroom. I was thrilled to find they have the same mattress in a double that I have. I am so excited now, my bed will be in the store next week so it will be wheels in motion to sort out our rooms.
After the bed shop I went into town to meet my friend, Carolyn. It was lovely to see her and catch up on what has been happening since the last time we met.
I am still feeling a little delicate but managed to get about alright. Tomorrow I have an appointment with my Dr and will get another sick note. One day I will get back to work!!!

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Naughty kitty's!!!

I spent the night in the house on my own last night. Siobhan is at her boyfriends place and Kieran with his dad. Stork and Amber were terrible. I was woken up about 3 times over the night by meowing, Amber misses Siobhan when she is away. Not satified with just meowing, she started fighting with Stork. To top it all she then started to dig at my bed. Eventually they settled down. I woke up at 10:47 am with 2 very tired kitties curled up on my bed. I bet they are snuggled down somewhere now, getting ready for tonights frolicks!!

I am feeling much better today, Not so much pain. I took pain killers on the first day I was home and haven't taken anymore as I didn't feel I needed them. I had fantastic pain relief in hospital that helped.
Kieran is back home today so I will be looking forward to spending time with him. Next project is to get our rooms sorted out so I can get a new bed and settle into the master bedroom at last : )

Friday, 28 October 2011

Back from the hospital.

Webster, my new friend and companion.

After the op yesterday.

I got a taxi to Derriford hospital yesterday morning and got to the ward at about 7:30am for my operation to remove Mick and Keith from their residence. Mick and Keith are my gall stones and I am had my gall bladder removed.
I eventually got to the operating theatre at around 12:00pm and came back 2 hours later. I had a drousy day but no pain. The anesthetist told me that he would put to injecttions under my ribs that would be a pain killer. It was wonderful, it lasted for 24 hours, no pain. Today it is wearing off. My friend Tina cam in to see me yesterday and left a little friend to keep me company, Webster the spider, he is so cute.
Her boyfriend, Lee, picked me up from the hospital and brought me home. Kieran was home when I got back. he came back to get the envelope to post his game from lovefilm back. He said he wanted to wait to see me. I had a hug from him and he then went back to his dads house till Sunday. I am feeling really sleepy today and a little sore. I have to leave the dressings on for a week and will see the consultant in 4 weeks.
He told me that the stones were like a bag of marbles and they had adhered to other organs, I am not sure which ones but will ask when I see him again.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Goodbye Mick and Keith.

I am going in hospital today to have my gall bladder removed. Mick and Keith, my stones, will no longer be giving me pain.
I will be in touch as soon as the op is done.
Thanks so much to every one for their good wishes x x x

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Lovely night out with friends.

Lyn, Wendy and I at Prezzo last night.

Yesterday I tied off a few loose ends. I took some pillows and duvet covers out to Gables Farm cats and dogs home, got on top of the washing and had a general catch up with everything before I go into hospital on Wednesday.
I went out in the evening with 2 of my 3 long term friends. Wendy Lyn, Jacqui and I have known each other for 24 years, next year being our silver one, the 25th.
Jacqui couldn't make it last night as she was poorly. We have decided that we may have a spa weekend to celebrate our 25 years next year.
The meal was lovely, we went to Prezzo in the Royal William Yard. I have a beetroot and goats cheese salad and profiteroles for dessert, yummy!!!
Today I am taking Kieran to his dad's and out later for lunch with Linda and Steve Wride. I will be great to see them again. Steve has mesothelioma and is doing very well, I hope it continues x x

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Great weekend.

I seemed to spend most of my weekend with Chrissy this week. I went over to her place on Sunday and had a lovely roast with her.
Before I went, I picked Siobhan up from Plymouth railway station and took her and her boyfriend back to our house.
Kieran came be back later, he is with his dad.
Yesterday I had an appointment at my Dr's surgery about the print out of information that had been sent to the hospital.
I saw the practice manager and was disappointed to hear her tell me that I did know about the kidney issue. I told her again that I knew nothing about it.
I have composed a letter to the surgery and will hopefully get some resolution from it.
I have been sorting out the cupboards, we will only have 1 single bed now and Kieran has new bedding to celebrate having his new room. I have got rid of the old single sets to the charity shops and the old pillows and cushions with a few odd sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers to Gables Farm cats and dogs home. I want to get as much sorted out as I can a I will be in hospital on Thursday. I will be having a pre-eviction lunch tomorrow with Linda and Steve Wride who also have a mesothelioma blog. It will be great to see them again.

Sunday, 23 October 2011


Trying on hats with Chrissy, I bought some too...couldn't resist them.

I was going to have an Ann Summer's party this evening but as only one person was going to come along, it seemed a little silly so I cancelled it.
Instead I met up with Chrissy and we went to the Broadway, Plymstock, Plymouth to search out some charity shops. We had great fun, tried on some hats, some of which I purchased.
We had a coffe and a toasted tea cake and then went back to Chrissy's to sort out our treasures. We thought we would go to the cinema this eveing and decided on seeing 'paranormal activity 3'.
Well...what a palaver!!
I was so nervous, I am not a fan of horror movies anyway. I like the old hammer house of horror ones and thats it.
I watched some of the film, the rest I had my eyes covered. Chrissy was sitting nect to me and sayiong, "oh what was that"...."somethings moving!" and much more along those lines. So I had a running cometary anyway. When it went quiet, we anticipated that something was going to shock us ... lol... it did, Chrissy let out a really loud scream, so funny. she did that about 3 times through out the film. I am still peeping through my fingers, such a coward I am.
After watching the film, we went for a curry and then headed back to Chrissy's for a last cuppa before I went home.
We were both in our houses on our own, I think she was more scared than I was as she had seen all the film. I said I didn't want to leave Storkie as he is so nervous but invited Chriisy to stay if she wanted too. I think she might have had a night like I had. Trying to persudae myself to go to the bathroom, in the dark.... getting there and coming out as quickly as I could before some evil ghoul got me : ) I think a broke the land speed record getting back to my bedroom.
Siobhan is back home today, not sure when Kieran is back but it will be good to see them. It has been nice having the house to myself but the weekend was long enough.

Friday night fun.

Booo!!!! lol x x This is a SPOOKY one.
Rachel and Claire.
Saucy Claire.
On the Wii with chrissy.
Avis the witch.

Claire after her glamorous make x x
Claire and Chrissy.

Kieran went to his dad's after school on Friday. Siobhan was a way in Brighton and Rich in Ireland so it's just me and the cats.
Mmmm .... what to do....... My friend, Claire invited me to a halloween party. I lent my friend Chrissy my corpse bride dress and I wore my zombie bride one. I went to Chrissy's to get ready. Make up on, all dressed and off we went, hoping we weren't going to be stopped by anyone and have to get out of the x x
We had a good night, played on the wii, had some nibbles and a chat and trying on some of my fun wigs, all good fun.
I dropped everyone home and got back to Stork who was waiting outside for me. The cats haven't been left on their own in the house before so they were very nervous.
I fed them and settled down for bed after having a good night of fun.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Harvest festival.

It is a beautifully sunny day here in Plymouth. Kieran's harvest festival was lovely. His class sang a song called 'feed me' to the tune of Forget you by Celo Green.
The organist was like listening to Les Dawson and the hymns where a new strain so no one knew them... it was a very quiet congregation! The children did very well with their plays with the little ones dressed as pumpkins and the middle one re-creating the story of the selfish farmer.
It was lovely. After the service, I wanted a picture with Kieran for my yearly milestone record. He obliged but he does get tired of me and my camera : )

Harvest Festival.

It is Kieran's harvest festival today. This is a great milestone for me. When I was told I had mesothelioma back in 2006, it was heart breaking watching him as I felt this would be my last time of experiences it. 5 years on and I am still here, still enjoying watching Kieran.
I took Siobhan and her boyfriend, David to the railway station this morning. She is off to Brighton for a my little pony convention. She has been working so hard making stickers, badges, posters and so much more to sell. I hope it is a great success for her.
I am going to a halloween party tonight and then a little do at mine tomorrow. Kieran will be with his dad so it will be a weekend on my own.... that doesn'r happen often.
It is half term next week so it will be easier to sort Kieran out as I have my op on Thursday.
Mick and Keith, this is the final count down!!!!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

1,500th post since October 2006!!!!

Kieran was a real misery this morning, we had no internet so he left the house in a really bad mood.
It is all back on now, I did ring virgin media and was told that it would be Wednesday when an engineer would come out, this didn't bode well with Kieran.

I have now written 1,500 blogs on this site, wow!!! I never would have thought I would have done that many, I hope I get to see it into the 2000's.

Yesterday was a little hard, still reeling from losing Ronny and then being told I have stage 3 kidney failure was a shock too.
I am going to pick myself up though as there are others in a lot worse position than me. One of my best friends is on a transplant waiting list. She does her own dialysis at home between 3 and 4 times a day. She is called Mandy and she is a real fighter. She smiles and gets on with her life and doesn't let the dialysis get in her way. She has her off days, as we all do, but she is so inspirational to me even before I found out about the kidney failure.
Today I amy actually get to use my washing machine again. The engineer is coming out to fix it, I hope. I have a build up of washing from last Tuesday, I have been hand washing in between, how did my ancestor cope? I suppose we are all spoilt in this day and age, got too many gadgets to use that take a lot of the housework chore away.
After the machine is fixed, I am hoping to go to Kieran's school for parents evening. He is helping out by showing parents to class rooms. He will love that, he does love being in charge
: )

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Back from the hospital.....

..... I had all my tests done MRSA, height, weight, heart, lungs and blood test. While talking to me the Dr mentioned a kidney disease. I told her I didn't have kidney disease and she said it was on the print out from my Dr's surgery. Sure enough, in black and white is says 'Chronic kidney disease stage 3'. I couldn't believe it. Also on the print out is a proocedure in March 2010 called a cystoscopy. This is an investigation of the kidneys I believe. I have never had that done either. After the hospital I went straight to my Dr's surgery and asked them what was going on with the print out. I was told the cystoscopy was a typo, it should read endoscopy and the kidney failure stage 3 was on my notes. Why have I not been told? I will bring this up when I see my GP next, obviously no one thought it was important enough.

Pre-assessment for gall stones

Getting all the checks done at the hospital yesterday.

Mick and Keith are getting nervous. They are getting really close to being evicted.
I am off to Derriford hospital today for my pre-assessment to the surgery next week.
I am in much better shape than I was in March. Kieran has his dental appointment first, then its off to school with him and hospital for me....must go....will be back later....bye!!!

Well....what a morning!!! The dentist was late making me late for hospital. I got Kieran into school and got to hospital for 10:50 for my 10:30 appointment.
The Dr started to do the examination and then mentioned about me having chronic kidney disease stage 3??? this was news to me. When checking the print out from my GP's, I had been diagnosed with it on 16th March 2010. I have never been informed of this and as I have had chemo since, it may have changed how I looked at it. I am feeling very well so am not too concerned at the moment. I was more annoyed that I wasn't told. There was another discrepancy on the print out and that was that I had had a cystoscopy which is an endoscopy for the urinary tract. I was taken back by this as I have never had that done. I went to my GP's surgery to query all this as I was unsure about what I was reading and was worried that someone elses details may be on my notes. The cystoscopy was a mistake, it should have said endoscopy. The stage 3 kidney failure is mine so I will now have to think about how I tackle Theo. I am hoping that he has settled down for a very long time, I am coming up to my 5th anniversary of finding Theo, I want to get into double figures.... come on Theo, we can do this!!!!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

RIP Ronny : (

All the warriors are sad today.
We have lost another one of our group.
Veronica 'Ronny' White passed away yesterday. It was a peaceful end to a couragous and dignified fight that mesothelioma didn't win.
Condolences are sent to Ronny's family, especially her husband, Robert, who has been Ronny's rock.
She has a wonderful family, our love goes out to all of them.

I have known Ronny for a couple of years and have become quite close to her. She was a great support to the warriors. Always there with a shoulder, a smile and a positive comment to pick them back up again. She will never be forgotten, she has left a permanent mark on all of our hearts x x

Monday, 17 October 2011

Saturday night fun.

My friend Carolyn and I dressed up in our bling to go and see 'Top Hat' in the Theatre Royal, Plymouth. Tom Chambers was supposed to be playing the lead but a he got a back injury through the routine, he stepped out and his understudy, Jason Winter, was in his place.
We weren't disappointed, it was wonderful. Irving Berlin's beautiful music with the dance routines was lovely. It could have been Fred and Ginger tip tapping on the stage.

Yesterday I felt quite sad, I was missing Rich like crazy. I wasn't too bad until I did our Sunday roast and I realised I didn't have to peel as much veg. I had a cry, so silly I know, I miss him so much. He seems to be happy and I know Kerri, his girlfriend, is. He is now in Ireland with an instant family. Kerri has 2 little girls. I am sure they will have a great life together. My next goal is to go to Ireland and see him. I am looking forward to that one x x

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Bye bye Rich : (

Off to Ireland to start his new life with Kerri and her children x x
Rich and I, don't know what is going on with those boots, look like waders!!

Rich and his dad.

I got up early yesterday morning to go to Bristol with Rich and his dad. I know he is all grown up now and has a life of his own to discover but, being a mum, I felt so sad that he was leaving. He had a bad start at birth as he was born unable to swallow which gave us a close bond. We got through 7 years of hell with choking and dilatations. Being 14 was not good, he was a bit naughty but still not as bad as some parents have to put up with and it is normal to be 14 and obnoxious.
Now, at 22, he has met a girl who he adores and she adores him and they seem very happy. I will miss him so much but know I can go and visit him whenever I can. And so starts another chapter
: )

Friday, 14 October 2011

My babies last day at home : (

Rich will be travelling to Ireland tomorrow to start a new life with his lady. It is going to be so hard to say goodbye. I am going to go to Bristol to see him off.

Washing machine.....well...what fun today....
I have again contacted Comet as I was told to ring up today if I hadn't heard from them about having an engineer out. Again I have been passed around in circles, trying to escalate the call to someone who would actually help me. I have been told again that 23rd October is the only time an engineer can come out. I cannot get any other help than that. They won't replace the machine or help out with cost of taking my washing to a laundrette. I have terminated my warrany with Comet now and that will be refunded, I have contacted Hotpoint who will send an engineer next week to fix the problem and check why the pegs on the paddles keep breaking off.
Hopefully by next week I will have a working machine!!!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Lovely day.

The little meso tree with its weedy friends.
A white feather caught in the branches.
Me doing my best pose : )
Heather and I, Heather is a beautiful and tall lady and makes me look very short, not hard to do : )

I went in town today with Rich and met Siobhan and her boyfriend in there. We went into a local pub for lunch and a little voice behind me said "hello Debbie". There sat all on her lonesome was my friend Carolyn. We had a natter while we ordered our lunch. Siobhan's lunch wasn't that grand but the pub gave us the money back.
After having lunch and saying goodbye to Carolyn, I caught up on what I needed to do. I am going to the theatre with Carolyn on Saturday to see 'top hat'. I bought some bling to wear, should be a good night.
I got home and then received a text from Heather, a meso warrior who had lost her brother. Me, chemo brain, had forgotten I had arranged to meet her at Saltram. I told her I would be 10 minutes. It was great to meet her and chat about our experiences. I showed her the little meso tree that is now covered in weeds, poor thing. It was a lovely afternoon and having a coffee and chat with Heather was wonderful. Such a shame I meet all these amazing people through such a devastating disease.
It was good to hear from my friend, Mavis, who was starting a meso trial today. She was very nervous before going but very upbeat when she got back. Good luck Mavis, I am sure you will do well, meso knows better than to mess with you!! : )
Good luck also to Andrea's dad who was having treatment today. Hope all goes well for both of you x x x

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Sorting out.

I had a day of sorting out Rich and Kieran's room and my room. Rich has been packing, ready to go to Ireland on Saturday : ( My baby is leaving home. I will miss him so much but know he is only a plane ride away. I am going with him to Bristol on Saturday. His dad is taking him and has agreed that I can go to. Siobhan has been finding it very hard to deal with. They are so close, he was so poorly when he was born and she was there helping out from the start. I can remember when Rich used to choke on his food and Siobhan would run to the bin to take the lid off as it was quicker to make him sick there than to rush up to the bathroom. They will miss each other very much.
We are about to open a new chapter, I hope it is filled with love, luck and happiness for Rich. Love you baby and always will x x x

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Here we go ... 2..3..4....

..... Gggrrrr..... had the washing machine paddles put on yesterday after waiting a week for an engineer. Happily getting on top of a weeks worth of washing and ...... whoop de dooo..... off comes a new paddle.
I am so cross, Called Comet....yes ..... COMET!!!! ....... to tell them I need an enginerr again after waiting a week for one to come out and ...hay...ho... I have to wait till 23rd of October!!!! I think not Comet.
After 2 phone calls and being passed to a department that doesn't deal with my issue and back to the previous department, I got through to a guy who seemed more helpful. I am on a cancellations list. Still not good enough.
I will call up on Friday if I hear nothing and will see what is going on. How can they expect someone to wait nearly 2 weeks. They were quick enough to take over £200 for a 5 year warranty policy. Maybe I should have made them wait 2 weeks!!

I had a lovely lunch in town with my friends, Carolyn and Tina and it gets spoilt by this.
Well, they had better sort it...or else..... escalations here I come!!!

Monday, 10 October 2011

Another week begins.

Sambuca coffee liquor given at the end of the night. I didn't have one as I was driving.
Jayne and Viki.
Chrissy with her babies, Lee and Rachael.
Neeta, Chrissy and Clare.

I went out on Saturday night to celebrate my friend, Chrissy's birthday. We had a lovely meal and then in the pub to finish off the night.
The garden wall is nearly finished. Chrissy's son Lee is building it with a couple of friends. Such a pain building it in the rain!!
Today I am waiting in for the washing machine man. The paddles on the drum decided they had worked hard enough and came off. The machine is only 10 months old.
Rich will be moving out on Saturday to start a new life in Ireland with his lady. I know I will be upset on the day, I am going to Bristol with him and his dad to wave him off : (
Will miss him so much but I will be gaining a bedroom out of it as I have been in the box room which will now be Kieran's room. The boys had the master bedroom. Not bad, after 6 years of waiting : ) I will be bed hunting, I love my single bed and will get my new one from the same place I bought that one.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Becky : (

My lovely friend Pamela in the USA has lost her darling mum, Becky, to mesothelioma. She was diagnosed 2 years ago and battled very bravely with the disease. Pamela has been a wonderful daughter and has been by her mothers side for this journey.
Todays blog is dedicated to Pamela and her family as they come to terms with their loss.
Sending love and support to you all and blessings that Becky is now away from the pain and anguish that mesothelioma brings. x x

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Great meeting today.

The little Meso tree at Saltram and the feather I found laying right beside it x
A pure white feather floats silently towards the ground.
As it lands, I pick it up,
and rest it gently in the palm of my hand.

Perhaps it's a delicate fragment from an Angel's wing,
possibly, a token of heavenly love,
or maybe, I see it as my own delight in a gentle white feather.

But as my eyes alight on this fragile plume,
my spirit lifts,
and I have a feeling
that my Guardian Angel is near me,
and is ever watchful.

I believe this perception will always stay with me,
and each time I glimpse a pure white feather
I will offer thanks to my
imperceivable protector.

I went to the South West Mesothelioma Support Group meeting with Richard from the
National Asbestos Helpline. Once again it was a really good meeting. 2 new people there today, one of them with Peritoneal mesothelioma. It is so difficult when you are first diagnosed, you don't know which way to turn.
George was there and he had done very well on his fund raising evening as did Marilyn and Phil. Between them they had raised around £2,000 for the group. This was a fantastic amount.

After the meeting, I showed Richard the little Meso tree at Saltram. We had lunch and a coffee, a lovely walk around the grounds and then he dropped me back home. We did talk a lot about the new charity we want to start for all asbestos sufferers, this would include asbestosis and pleural plaque. This is very close to my heart as my dad had pleural plaque.
We talked a lot about how it was going to be run and what it should be called.

It has been a very productive day.