Monday, 16 January 2012

All good in Taunton.

I had a good trip to Taunton and got to the hospital in plenty of time. It was good to see Dr TOF again. He looked at the CT images and found the obstruction. It looked like the clip he had put in last time but we both agreed that he should take a look anyway while he does a dilatation (Stretch the oesophagus).
He is so very enthusiastic about the whole thing and I am so glad he is, we are on the same wave length. I was thinking that as he was doing the dilatation, he would check out the TOF too, he said exactly what I was thinking. I will be going in to have it done when I come back from Ireland, yes... next week...I am seeing my lovely boy, Richard. I have missed him so much.
Theo has been wonderful and not playing up much, I get the odd nudge to let me know he is still around but so far, so good.
Tomorrow I am out to lunch with my friend Mandy, the rest of the week I will be packing our bags : )

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