Monday, 9 January 2012

Amber to the vets.

Amber isn't happy about travelling to the vets.
I bought a WISH at Next. I hope it comes true : )

Little Amber had to go to the vets today as we felt she was a little unwell. The lady vet checked out a shivering little kitty as she stood on the table in the vets room. Poor Amber, all that creating to go to the vets and not a murmer on the way home, infact she couldn't wait to get back in her cat box after the vet had seen her. The vet gave her a worming tablet and said she was healthy and had a lovely soft coat.
When we got back home, Siobhan said Stork was very worried because Amber wasn't around. Whe we got back he stuck by Amber and seemed to be comforting her, They slept in the same chair together which they haven't done for a while, so sweet.

I had lunch with one of my many gorgeous friends, Tina. she has been a great support to me since I was diagnosed and I am so blessed to have many gorgeous friends around me that I can call anytime if I need help. Tina asked if I minded if we went to a couple of shops before lunch, of course, I refused.... well not for long. We had a look around NEXT and Homebase. I did pick up a couple of things. One of the things I saw was when I got to NEXT, I saw a WISH. It was there, all on its own, in the sale section, no price on it but I had to have it. We all need a WISH don't we and I know what mine is.

After the shopping event, in which Tina only bought a bed side lamp, I had bought a door mat, picture frame, alarm clock for Kieran and a WISH, we went on to have lunch at the Harvester in Plympton. No veggie burgers on the menu, well they were but they weren't available so it was a jacket potato for me and a lovely apple tart for afters....yummy!!
Tomorrow I am out to lunch with my friend Mandy.

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