Sunday, 1 January 2012

Another cat passing through....

The Tabby cat who was trapped in our house.
Amber and her cute muddy nose.

... I came down into the kitchen early this morning as I heard some loud growling. I find Stork growling at this huge tabby cat who was trapped in our house. With the fireworks going off last night, the cat door was locked so they couldn't get out once the were in. I must have locked the in door as I unlocked the out door. The tabby kitty went out, he was beautiful. I woke up quite late this morning, 11:30am..... lazy bones!!!!
No cats, none on my bed, none on the stairs, no one, not even the stray..... where were they?
I looked in the garden and there was a poor cold, wet Amber kitten waiting at the cat door to be let in. No sin od Stork, she looked so cute, she had a dirty nose which looked so very charming. Poor baby, I gave her her breakfast and called Storkie, no answer.
30 minutes later he wandered in, he must have found somewhere to settle.
I will make sure the cat door is open tonight. x

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