Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Beautiful day today.

Pickled egg and chips for lunch.
A queue of kitties waiting for their lunch : )
The hair clippings, the dark hair is Kieran's, Mine is the small amount of red and Siobhan's is the green.

The weather is absolutely gorgeous today, the sun was shining brightly as I went to get a bit of shopping and some elastic for Kieran's pyjamas. I bought him some new ones but as he has such a tiny waist, all the pyjamas for his size are too big. I thread elastic through to tighten them up for him.
While getting his elastic and picking up some flowers for my friend, I smelt a wonderful aroma..... Chips, this wet my appetite which has been so good lately. I decided I would get chips and a pickled egg for lunch. I tried ringing Siobhan, no answer, I decided to get her some anyway.

I had my lunch and then made my way out to see my friend who hasn't been well the last few weeks. It was lovely to see her and have a chat about Christmas, new year and what has been happening.
I left my friends and arrived home in time for Kieran's return from school.
My hair dresser friend, Jacqui came around to cut our hair, well mine is a mess, I am growing my own afro!!! It is so curly, something I have never had before so should be interesting when it starts to get longer.
Kieran had his cut as did Siobhan, it is always great to see the diffrent colours of hair that land on the floor after the hair cuts. Usually it is red, brown, blonde, pink but this time we have green. Siobhan has coloured her hair a beautiful jade green colour, such lovely clippings : )
I am looking forward to my hair growing so I can colour mine again.

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