Monday, 16 January 2012

Dr TOF today.

I am off to Taunton today, not had a good start to the morning. Kieran kicked off again so am feeling a little low.
I am seeing Dr TOF about my tracheo oesophagela fistula (TOF). This is a tube which connects my eosophagus and windpipe. I have been trying to get it severed but I don't think it has worked.
This was a trial to see if it could be done, it has been done once in the world but it doesn't look like it has happened for me. Saying that, after having a life of chest infections and pneumonia, this has to be the first winter that I seem to have got away with just a cold/flu experience.

The report from Dr D, My mesothelioma Dr, says that there is something dangling from the TOF site, This is probably the clip that was put on. I am hoping that scar tissue has helped by closing the hole up a little more although there is still leakage.

I will find out more today, I don't intened to have anymore operations on it as all is good at the moment.

So a trip to Taunton today, It will be good to see Dr TOF as he has been so supportive with the TOF and believed in me when others had given up and told me that pneumonia would get me in the end. It may well do, but not yet!!!

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