Sunday, 8 January 2012

Lazy weekend

My new wig.

I have been a real lazy bum, not getting dressed till late, up at around 8:30 to feed the cats.
Yesterday I took Kieran to his dads and then met my friends in town for a coffee. I wore my new wig, its a short one and really comfortable. I have started to wear the head sock as well and it feels much more comfortable.
Kieran needed welly boots as he is starting work experience, his first project ...... car valeting ...... I have told him he can practice on my car, you can guess the answer to that one : )
Taking Amber to the vets on Monday just to get her checked out, if she could talk people language I know what she would say.

Tuesday I am meeting my friend, Mandy for lunch. Next week (16th) I am off to see Dr TOF in Taunton. I need to discuss what to do about the clip as it is dangling according to my CT scan. I am choking on a few things again so it could be that I need a dilatation again.

The week after that Kieran and I are off to Ireland to see Rich!!! I was going to book the train to get to the airport but as I was getting all OCD'd up about the journey on the train, I found it was cheaper and more convenient to have a direct journey so have booked a car to pick us up and bring us back home. the return journey on the train would be 3 trains, we wouldn't get home until midnight and our plane gets in at 19:40. This way we will be home by 10pm.
My OCD issues are already in place with the passports, keep checking to make sure the date hasn't changed.... how sad am I : )

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