Thursday, 5 January 2012

Lovely day yesterday.

My little sister, Wendy, and I, Was a good catch up. Hoping to have many more.
Wendy with her yummy chocolate cake.
My apple pie with custard.

My little Bean, well not so little now, Kieran, went back to school yesterday. He very good and got himself sorted out before his bus got here.
I went to B&Q to get an electrical wire detector. While there I looked around for a catalogue for summer houses as we are going to get Siobhan and work shop in the garden for her business venture.
On my way out I heard someone ask how I was, I turned around and there were my dads very good friends. I was so overwhelmed at seeing them. They are such lovely people.
We had a little natter before parting, I felt my dad there too.
I then went to pick up my sister, we were going for lunch. It has been such a long time since we got together, family commitments and time just running through our fingers. We had a lovely meal in a pub called the Golden Hinde. We had to have a dessert as well, of course!!
I got home in time to meet Kieran from his bus.

I am so excited, I booked a flight to Ireland for Kieran and I. We are going to see Richard and his family. We haven't met Kerri or the girls yet so it will be lovely. I want to see him before I start chemo as I don't know how things will go. We all missed him this Christmas and new year. We are going on 23rd January. Siobhan is going later in the year.

The chemo journey will start next month, Mavis and Tess, 2 wonderful warriors, are starting theirs too so we will be on the journet together. I was so pleased to here that Tess's meso is stable, I hope it continues x

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