Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Lovely lunch, well nearly : )

Lovely red sky this morning.

The wonderful tree dedicated to mesothelioma sufferers past and present.
The first snowdrops of 2012.

I woke to a beautiful red sky this morning. the saying goes,

Red sky in the morning,
Sailors warning,
Red sky at night,
shepherds delight.

Hopefully there won't be a storm coming!!

Before I went to lunch with my friend Mandy today, I popped over to Kieran's school as he forgot his lunch box this morning. I filled in a holiday form for next week, I am so excited about Ireland and seeing Rich and his family. On the way back I went to Saltram to see how the snowdrops were doing around the meso tree. It was good to see they had put their delicate, white heads out of the soil. they are so very young at the moment but such a pleasure to see.
It is a crisp, beautiful day today. I got home and got ready to meet my very brave and wonderful friend, Mandy.
We went to a garden centre in Cornwall for lunch. Lunch wasn't very good but the company more than made up for it.
I bought some plants to put in the garden, as reccomended by Mandy, she is more of a gardener than I am.
I went back to Mandy's for a quick cuppa before going home to meet Kieran.
I dropped him off at his dad's for a couple of hours and went off to do the weekly shop.

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