Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Mesothelioma, the silent stalker.

When will it end? Mesothelioma, like most cancers, is a terrible disease, it is incurable.
Treatments are available as palliative which means it is not a cure, it may give extra time.
It can depending on the type of mesothelioma the patient has.
There are 3 different types of mesothelioma. Some people get a little muddled when asked if they know which type. It isn't to do with where the disease is, it is to do with what type of disease it is.

Sarcomatoid : The most aggressive form of mesothelioma, this one is the Mr Nasty of them all. It spreads very fast.
This one is harder to treat because of its aggressive nature. Anyone asking about Profs treatment (chemoembolisation) I would always tell them that if they have this form, his treatment may not be successful. It is heart breaking to hear that someone hasn't had the success I have had, I wish everyone could have extra time.

Biophasic : This is a mix of the aggressive and the slow growing mesothelioma. Depending on the percentage of each type is dependant also on how aggressive it is.

Epithelioid : This type is the slow growing mesothelioma. Although they are all hard to treat, this one is the best of a bad bunch. Everyone responds differently.

I feel so lucky to have got this type. So far I have outlived my prognosis. I wish it could be the same for everyone.
My heart goes out to all those who have lost someone or have recently been diagnosed, those fighting and those who are losing their loved ones. Mesothelioma can change someone so much.
It not only changes the patient but the family as well. The desperation of caring for or losing someone you love is so very painful.

I have changed so much since I was diagnosed, it must be the same for all cancer patients, no longer do I look forward a year or 2. I look forward to the next 3 months. Bit by bit I have been getting a little more of my future back. Why can't it be the same for everyone?
I bought a wish yesterday and my wish would be that mesothelioma was knocked off its perch and someone, somewhere in the world has found a cure. There are so many people trying so hard to tackle this disease.
I am not sure if it will be in my lifetime but hope that one day there will be something that will work for everyone.

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