Saturday, 28 January 2012

Michael Callaghan

Michael Passed away on 26th January after a brave battle with mesothelioma. Another wonderful warrior taken away from his family. I and many others will continue our fight with mesothelioma in memory of Michael and people like him.

Lisa, Michael's daughter put a wonderful poem on facebook in his memory.

My Beautiful Dad .... Dad Pitt x

A light is from our household gone,

A voice we loved is stilled,

A place is vacant in our home,

Which never can be filled.

We have to mourn the loss of one,

We did our best to save

Loved on earth and always will

Remembering all you gave.

'Twas hard to part with one so dear

We little thought the time was near,

You never complained,

You never gave in,

You fought a battle,

You could not win,

You were so brave. x

Love and condolences to the family from all mesothelioma warriors and their families.

May your angel watch over you every day x x x

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