Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Seeing Richard.

Reading the pony magazines Siobhan sent over.

Kieran and I left Plymouth just beofre 8am and made our way to Bristol airport. We got there about 10:15am. We went through security and then onto the gat we would leave at. We are both so very excited about seeing Richard and meeting Kerri and the girls.
Our flight was very good, we landed and went to the baggage claim, as the sliding doors opened, we spotted Rich, Kerri and her sisiter, Evelyn. Kieran was so excited, I told hom to go ahead, I would get the bags.
I picked up our suit cases and went to meet Rich, well....I ran to him and gave him the biggest hug while I cried the tears of a very happy mum.
Kerri is a lovely girl she has made us feel so welcome, her sister, Evelyn, drove us back to Dungiven.
The girls are wonderful, so happy and full of life.
I was shocked when I heard how Rich was with keeping the house tidy, why couldn't he be like that at home... : )
We haven't done much today, sat and watched Judge Judy, one of my favourite ladies too.
I haven't done anything at all, I am not allowed.
It is Kerri's birthday tomorrow so I hope I can return the favour and treat her, if she will let me : )

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