Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Shopping and slippers.

My new hat I had for Christmas from Chrissie x

My slippers and socks from Tina x

Lovely jubbly slippers, so comfortable, how happy am I!!!
Siobhan's new hat x

I had another lazy day today, tomorrow it all ends, Kieran is back to school so up at 7:30 am again.
I went in town with Siobhan and David, her boyfriend, today. They wanted to get a book case and I wanted to take my slippers back to the shop my friend, Tina, had bought them in as they still had a security tag on them.
I got to the shop, the security system went off as I entered, no one was around so I went to a cash desk and was met by 2 barbie dolls who told me I needed the second floor, went up there and met some more mature ladies who said I should go down stairs.... Confused . com!!!!
One of the ladies said she would take me to the department that sell the slippers, there I was met by a very nice lady who removed the tag right away. She told me there are usually tags on both slippers but the assistant who served my friend must have missed the second one.
Armed with my lovely memory foam slippers that I have been waiting to wear since Christmas day, I met Siobhan and David , we went around a few shops, one of them was blue banana, an alternative shop. They sell nose studs (got some of them for myself) tongue studs (I will get a new one of them later) and clothes. What did I spot on a hanger.... a hat that I could see would suit my baby girl, it was pink, fluffy and very cute. It would suit her personality. So she had another gift today : )
It has been a lovely day, we left Kieran home, he is 15 now and wants to be treated like a grown up so he had his mobile at hand and was left playing on his xbox, well he won't move an inch from there : )

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