Monday, 30 January 2012

Time to catch up.

Absolutely freezing cold day but it was worth it as I found my next property : )
Dungiven Castle.
Kerri and Rich looking very cold.

Kieran and I enjoyed a belated Birthday night out with Rich and Kerri as it was her birthday on Wednesday.
My gorgeous boy with his beautiful lady, Kerri.
My two wonderful boys.

A real Irish Guinness, At last!!!!

Kieran and I arrived home late last night. Our plane was supposed to leave at 6:30pm but was delayed for an hour. How glad was I that I had booked a transport car and what great service they provided.
We got home around 11pm after a smooth journey from Belfast to Plymouth.
It was so lovely seeing Rich again, we all love him so much and miss him even more. I was so pleased to see that he had a little family of his own, his lady, Kerri, is a sweet girl, so attentive and nothing was too much trouble. She is a beautiful person inside and out.
Her girls are charming, they made us smile every day. I left Belfast happy that my boy was happy and settled.
Kerri's Sister, Evelyn, has also been wonderful, She picked Kierana nd I up from the airport and took us back there when we were leaving, such lovely girls who I know will welcome my son into their family with open arms.
I was so pleased to see Siobhan, David and the cats. Stork have pestered her so much while we were away, as soon as I got in the door, he stuck beside me, not leaving me at all. He had his usual cuddles this morning, I have missed that.
Amber, on the other hand, only loves me for treats, other times she whines and moans about having a cuddle.

It is good to be home, how I wish Rich only lived up the road so I could see him anytime. I am sure there will be more trips to Ireland in the future.
Kieran was brilliant at getting to school this morning even after having a late night, Well done Bean.

Now back to normality, CT scan on the 8th February, See Dr D on the 15th and discuss chemo and what to do next and this week, off to see Dr TOF and having a dilatation on Thursday.

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