Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Another fabulous day.

Before the tattooing.

Anesthetic cream on, This is my Oompa Loompa look : )
Teresa doing her stuff.
One down and one to go.
All done. Well done Teresa, Fabulous job.

A fish finger sandwich in the Berkley for lunch.
Ladies who lunch, Jayne and Chrissy ...............
........... Avis and I.
Time for the Phantom : )
In our seats and waiting for the show to start.

I got up early and sorted Kieran out for school. We have road works going on so one of the roads is shut off. He has to walk quite a way to get his bus but I must sat that the travel training team have been wonderful. They have been supporting him as he gets very anxious, especially with any changes.
I then got my self ready and went onto school for a meeting. All went well with that and I hope Kieran feels a lot happier.
I got in my little Halo car and went into town to meet my friends at Havana's. The wonderful Teresa is doing my eyebrow tattoos. Jayne and Chrissy were in the salon waiting for me.
Teresa kindly said that they could come in and watch. While they were in there, Chrissy took some pictures of the procedure.
Eyebrows done, it was then off to lunch. We went to the Berkley and met Avis who was going to see the phantom of the opera with us. Jayne couldn't go as she had to pick up her little girl from school. Such a shame, she made us all smile as she bowed her head and did a sad face as she said goodbye to us.
We got to the theatre and were told that the performance would now be at 2:30pm and not 2:00pm. We were happy with that. The show was cancelled yesterday and the theatre very kindly gave everyone their money back and also a chance to see the dress rehearsal for free which is what we were doing. We met Viki, another friend, who gave us our tickets for the rehearsal and gave us our money for tickets purchased.
We were all waiting outide when the tannoy went on and a gentleman's voice apologised for the delay. There was a gasp of anticipation, everyone, I am sure, thought it was going to be cancelled again. Phew.... relief as he continued his message. He reminded everyone it was now at 2:30pm. I think if they had of cancelled it again, there would have been a mutiny in the theatre !!
We saw the doors open and made our way to our seats, we were at the very back. I forgot my glasses ...... D'oh ..... me being short sighted would have a blurred experience.
No matter, this was a free show and we were all looking forward to seeing it. Cameron Mackinsosh came out and explained the reasons there were problems. The chandelier was not ready. It wouldn't be available for 2 weeks so we would have to use our imaginations. Sand bags were used instead. The music, the players, the sets and lighting more than made up for the lack of the chandelier. The main players have the most beautiful voices. The only complaint I have is that as we were at the back, the top of the scenery was obscures by the low ceiling and lights. We leant forward to see what was going on. The stairs were wonderful, they eerily appeared from the wall and when the actors had walked down, they slowly returned to the place they had appeared from. The gondola and candles were beautiful, such a dark, beautiful and mysterious scene. The music was phenomenal, typical Andrew Lloyd Webber. So passionate and spine chilling. What more can I say, well done everyone involved.
We left about 5:30pm, Chrissy and I said goodbye to Avis, I dropped Chrissy to her place, had a quick cuppa and then went off home, what a fantastic day, I hope I have many more.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Time to see the Phantom of the opera......

..... ooooohh no it isn't ........ oooohhhh yes it is : )
Today has been busy, I had my shower taken out and a bath put in. So pleased to have a bath back as I miss having a relaxing moment to myself in the bath. New candles me thinks : )

Yesterday my friends and I were told that the Phantom of the opera show we were seeing oningt was cancelled. The chandelier, which is a very important part of the show, hadn't arrived. There were health and safety issues so the tickets were all cancelled. The theatre offered a refund and a chance to see the dress rehearsal for free. So I will be seeing the Phantom of the opera for nothing, zero, nought!!

Tomorrow morning, before the show, I am off to school and then off to town to get my eyebrows redone. Then off to lunch and then the theatre.
It is going to be a fabulous day.

Sunday, 26 February 2012


Today's blog is dedicated to Mike. I met him and his wife, Amanda, through facebook.
It is with sadness that I add on here that Mike fell sleep yesterday. Love and strength are sent to Amanda and family who are reeling from losing their warrior.
Condolences to all who loved Mike and blessings to him as he enters another room to gain his angel wings.

Death leaves a heart ache no one can heal,
Love leaves a memory no-one can steal x x

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Busy week next week.

My acknowledgement from Tescos that I got to the top 50 in the Tescos mum of the year 2012.
Thank you so much Tracey for nominating me, I am blessed to have so many wonderful friends : )
I met Kirstie for the first time after talking to her for such a long time on facebook.
Bye, bye shed, hope you like your new home : )

The last couple of days have been quite quiet. Kieran has finished his travel training and on Friday got 2 buses to school all on his own. This is a great acheivement for him. I am still very nervous about it as he gets such bad anxiety attacks but am happy that this is what he wants to do. He has been a joy to be around this last week. He got himself up and ready for school, made his breakfast and on a couple of occassions even got his own lunch ready, Well done Bean : )

Yesterday I met warrior Kirstie, we have been chatting on facebook for a while, she lives in Cornwall so I didn;t have far to travel. Kirstie lost her dad to Mesothelioma 5 years ago so we had a lot in common.

Next week is a full calendar, Sunday the garden shed is going, I am getting a summer house for Siobhan so she can use it as a work shop. Business is busy for her and she needs somewhere to store her merchaendise. I go on a free cycle site and someone on there wanted a garden shed, great, saves me having to dismatle it and wait for someone to pick it up. The ladie's son is going to do all that and I would rather it went to someone who needed one than to scrap it.
Monday I am having a bath fitted. We only have a shower in our bathroon so getting a bath in will be wonderful. Many times I and the children have felt like we would love a good, relaxing soak. Well....now we can.
I am also off out to see the Phantom of the opera and the Theatre Royal Plymouth.
Tuesday, Eyebrows, I am getting them redone. My eyebrows left the building 8 years ago when I had alopecia. They have never come back. I had them tattoed by a fabulous lady called Theresa (She is featured in the soap box part of the blog) in 2008. She is a fantastic artist who can re-create nipples for breast cancer warriors and cover scars so beautifully.
It will be great to chat to her again.
Wednesday, old chemo brain has forgotten what I am doing but I know there is something.
Thursday, I am returning to work !!!
Yes, back to work, I will be doing part time hours but will go back on a phase return which means it will be a gradual process. So much happening next week.
As for today, I am not sure what is happening. I have to get some shopping in, May pop in town and will be going out with friends this evening for a bite to eat ....... can't be bad : )

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Raining today.

Not much happening today, I had a delightful smear test this morning.
I haven't done much else today, it is very wet outside. I don't think that we will be seeing any snow in our area. It is too warm now and also very wet.
I have been making plans about what I want to do for my birthday. I was thinking of having a party but Rich won't be here so I have decided to take Siobhan and Kieran to Ireland to visit Rich and spend my birthday there. It will be so lovely having them all together.

I sent my friend Mavis a little gift from London. When I went in the Westminster abbey shop I saw some little Victoris Crosses.
The Victoria cross is Britains highest award for gallantry which means nobility of spirit or action, courage.
As soon as I saw it I thought of 2 gallant women there and then, there were on ly 2 on the shelf otherwise I would have got a few more.
I gave one to Linda Reinstein and one to the lovely Mavis Nye. Both are courageous and gallant.
I gave Linda hers while we were in London, Mavis recieved hers yesterday, I hope she shows it off with pride.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Back to normal.

My curly bonce and I at the Chaddlewood pub, Plympton.
Veggie burger for lunch.

Kieran and I went in to Plymouth City Centre yesterday to get our pass port photos done, buy him trainers for school and have a bite of lunch. Again, we had a lovely day, such a good boy lately.
Today I was surprised to hear the clattering of cat dishes and the ripping of the cat food pouches, Kieran was up!!
He had given the kitties their breakfast, done his own breakfast and made his lunch for school, Wow ....... I was so impressed, My alarm hadn't even gone off.
He got himself off to school in good time, I wonder what will happen tomorrow. : )

I went into town today and put my passport through its checks. I am hoping it is all accepted, cost me £77 for the privilege.
Tomorrow I have the lovely smear test.... yuk.... it has to be done though. I am not feeling at my best at the moment as I have a little bit of a sore throat and cold, it seems to be holding off though, this is the third one now and still no chest infection, hope I haven't spoken too soon.
I booked in to get my eyebrows tattooed today, they are very faded now, I had them done in 2008 as I had lost them through alopecia and they have never frown back. It was so good to see Theresa again, she is fantastic at what she does. I have an article of hers in my soap box section of the blog, check it out if you want to.
I met Siobhan and David, her boyfriend, in town, we went to the Chaddlewood pub at Plympton and had lunch, we had a really lovely veggie burger made with sweet potato.

Then it was home to meet Kieran as he was due home from school. I wonder if my little Bean will do everything himself tomorrow : )

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Have a break-DOWN, have a kit-kat !!!

Well what a fun time I had after picking my car up from Chrissies house! Jayne and I got in my car, no problems starting her. We got to Jayne's, she went off in doors and then what happens???
Pfftttt..... engine stops at the bottom of Jayne's road.
Typical, it is 2:30 am in the morning, freezing cold and Halo (My car) has decided she doesn't want to play.
I rang Jayne as I know she would have told me off if I hadn't and being the master of arms in the Navy, I don't want to argue with her : )
The lovely girl came up, in her high heels still, and looked over what had happened, the battery was completely flat.
Jayne went home, got her flat shoes on while I phoned the RAC to tell them of my plight. Jayne brought back a blanket, flask of tea, and tin of biscuits (Biscwits in Jayne's language) and we then snuggled up in my car and waited for the RAC to get back in touch.
She then remembered she had a jump starter at home so we thought we should give it a try. Off she goes again and comes back with the leads. We got Halo started, brilliant, we thought, until we turned her light on.... bluegh....nothing. I was going nowhere till rescue got here.
In the mean time, I am now bursting to go for a wee, Jayne sat in the car while I made my way back to her place. When I was leaving, at aroung 3:35am, the phone went, rescue is on the way..... hooray.... he would be with us in about 10-15 minutes.
I got back to the car just as he was approaching.
The guy was such a helpful person, he got Halo started, loaded her up on his truck, I said good bye to super Jayne and suoer break donw man towed us home. At 4:20am, I got in the door, I am now ready for my bed and will be snuggling up with mu electric blanket and my kitty : )
Thank you so much Jayne and to the very, very nice man who came to my rescue.... your a knight in shining armour....thank you!!!

Coming home.

Breakfast before we leave London and go home.

On the train from London to Tiverton.
On the coach from Tiverton to Plymouth.
More surprises when I got home, can this week get any better?
Out with me girlies, no pictures of Avis though : (

Neet's arm wrestling some random man, she won : )

Kieran and I had breakfast, checked out and made our way to Paddington station. We were going to meet my cousin, such a shame, there was a fire on the underground and she couldn't get to us. We have said we will meet up in June when she is down south for a break.

We had lunch in the station and Kieran watched the trains go in and out, off to take all the Commuters to their destinations. One of Kieran's favourite things to do is to go to a station and train watch. This mad it even easier to pass the time. I have to say he has been an abosolute pleasure to be with. Even though there have been hour long meetings, he has been patient and thoughtful all the way through, Having an iPad probably helps, but seriously, thank you Bean for all your support over these past few days.
We had to change at Tiverton to get to Plymouth, we went from the train to a coach to continue our journey. There were rail works so Plymouth was shut down.
We got home around 4:30pm and relaxed before I got ready to go out with the girls. Such a wonderful memory, I would like to think the guardian angel from George and Ann last week had something to do with it : )

Pictures from London

On the train to London with Kieran.
Settling into our hotel room.
Meeting the courageous and glorious Linda Reinstein from ADAO was one of the highlights of the trip.

Kieran at Victoria station. We had to check it out : )

Waiting to go on the London eye.

Up, up and away !

Waterloo station.

Meeting Chris and Robert White was another highlight.

Robert White, husband of Veronica White. Our brave warrior friend who looks on us from above.
Meeting Christine and Mark Winter from IATP was a pleasure and an honour. Having so many dedicated people in this one place, can London manage that?
Linda and Kieran in the pub : )
A mini car that has a cow hide exterior ????