Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Back to normal.

My curly bonce and I at the Chaddlewood pub, Plympton.
Veggie burger for lunch.

Kieran and I went in to Plymouth City Centre yesterday to get our pass port photos done, buy him trainers for school and have a bite of lunch. Again, we had a lovely day, such a good boy lately.
Today I was surprised to hear the clattering of cat dishes and the ripping of the cat food pouches, Kieran was up!!
He had given the kitties their breakfast, done his own breakfast and made his lunch for school, Wow ....... I was so impressed, My alarm hadn't even gone off.
He got himself off to school in good time, I wonder what will happen tomorrow. : )

I went into town today and put my passport through its checks. I am hoping it is all accepted, cost me £77 for the privilege.
Tomorrow I have the lovely smear test.... yuk.... it has to be done though. I am not feeling at my best at the moment as I have a little bit of a sore throat and cold, it seems to be holding off though, this is the third one now and still no chest infection, hope I haven't spoken too soon.
I booked in to get my eyebrows tattooed today, they are very faded now, I had them done in 2008 as I had lost them through alopecia and they have never frown back. It was so good to see Theresa again, she is fantastic at what she does. I have an article of hers in my soap box section of the blog, check it out if you want to.
I met Siobhan and David, her boyfriend, in town, we went to the Chaddlewood pub at Plympton and had lunch, we had a really lovely veggie burger made with sweet potato.

Then it was home to meet Kieran as he was due home from school. I wonder if my little Bean will do everything himself tomorrow : )

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