Saturday, 25 February 2012

Busy week next week.

My acknowledgement from Tescos that I got to the top 50 in the Tescos mum of the year 2012.
Thank you so much Tracey for nominating me, I am blessed to have so many wonderful friends : )
I met Kirstie for the first time after talking to her for such a long time on facebook.
Bye, bye shed, hope you like your new home : )

The last couple of days have been quite quiet. Kieran has finished his travel training and on Friday got 2 buses to school all on his own. This is a great acheivement for him. I am still very nervous about it as he gets such bad anxiety attacks but am happy that this is what he wants to do. He has been a joy to be around this last week. He got himself up and ready for school, made his breakfast and on a couple of occassions even got his own lunch ready, Well done Bean : )

Yesterday I met warrior Kirstie, we have been chatting on facebook for a while, she lives in Cornwall so I didn;t have far to travel. Kirstie lost her dad to Mesothelioma 5 years ago so we had a lot in common.

Next week is a full calendar, Sunday the garden shed is going, I am getting a summer house for Siobhan so she can use it as a work shop. Business is busy for her and she needs somewhere to store her merchaendise. I go on a free cycle site and someone on there wanted a garden shed, great, saves me having to dismatle it and wait for someone to pick it up. The ladie's son is going to do all that and I would rather it went to someone who needed one than to scrap it.
Monday I am having a bath fitted. We only have a shower in our bathroon so getting a bath in will be wonderful. Many times I and the children have felt like we would love a good, relaxing soak. we can.
I am also off out to see the Phantom of the opera and the Theatre Royal Plymouth.
Tuesday, Eyebrows, I am getting them redone. My eyebrows left the building 8 years ago when I had alopecia. They have never come back. I had them tattoed by a fabulous lady called Theresa (She is featured in the soap box part of the blog) in 2008. She is a fantastic artist who can re-create nipples for breast cancer warriors and cover scars so beautifully.
It will be great to chat to her again.
Wednesday, old chemo brain has forgotten what I am doing but I know there is something.
Thursday, I am returning to work !!!
Yes, back to work, I will be doing part time hours but will go back on a phase return which means it will be a gradual process. So much happening next week.
As for today, I am not sure what is happening. I have to get some shopping in, May pop in town and will be going out with friends this evening for a bite to eat ....... can't be bad : )

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