Sunday, 19 February 2012

Coming home.

Breakfast before we leave London and go home.

On the train from London to Tiverton.
On the coach from Tiverton to Plymouth.
More surprises when I got home, can this week get any better?
Out with me girlies, no pictures of Avis though : (

Neet's arm wrestling some random man, she won : )

Kieran and I had breakfast, checked out and made our way to Paddington station. We were going to meet my cousin, such a shame, there was a fire on the underground and she couldn't get to us. We have said we will meet up in June when she is down south for a break.

We had lunch in the station and Kieran watched the trains go in and out, off to take all the Commuters to their destinations. One of Kieran's favourite things to do is to go to a station and train watch. This mad it even easier to pass the time. I have to say he has been an abosolute pleasure to be with. Even though there have been hour long meetings, he has been patient and thoughtful all the way through, Having an iPad probably helps, but seriously, thank you Bean for all your support over these past few days.
We had to change at Tiverton to get to Plymouth, we went from the train to a coach to continue our journey. There were rail works so Plymouth was shut down.
We got home around 4:30pm and relaxed before I got ready to go out with the girls. Such a wonderful memory, I would like to think the guardian angel from George and Ann last week had something to do with it : )

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