Wednesday, 8 February 2012

CT scan and meso meeting today.

George and Ann.
My apple pie and I.
Waiting to go in the polo mint : )

I had a lovely meal yesterday with Richard from the National Asbestos Helpline. We joined George and his wife Ann at Leandra's, a little place in Plymouth city centre.
It was good to see George looking so well, he has mesothelioma, we call him the Coronel at the meetings as he eats apricot kernels. He is such a lovely man. Ann, is gorgoes wife, gave me a guardian angel last night, what a lovely thought

This morning I got up and got ready for my CT scan. Kieran was up as well, no calling him this morning. He is enjoying his travel training. I am still a little dubious about him going out on his own but at the moment he has someone with him so I am coping well : )
I got into my little Halo car, she was all frozen up so had to have her wind screen de iced. I should have put her in her garage, I will do that today as it is so cold.
I arrived at the hospital in time and was led to the lorry in the car park which holds the CT machine. The girls are wonderful, they make me feel so at ease. They kindly said that they would humour me and take some pictures. It is a great record of my journey.
I came home and had breakfast as I didn't have any this morning as I wasn't sure if I was having the drinky dye or not. I found out that I could have had breakfats and a coffee as this was the chest and abdomnal scan. Don't eat when it is the chest, abdomen and pelvis scan.
I don't mind the scanner as it has Philips written across the top of it, my dad's name was Philip, I feel like he is looking over me every time I got through the "polo Mint".
The scanner is a huge ring like machine which reminds me of a polo mint.

I am now waiting for Richard to pick me up and take me to the meso meeting which is at 11:30am in the mustard tree, Derriford.

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