Friday, 10 February 2012

Disappointment today.

A feather appeared on my lapel on the way to get flowers for Ronny and Keith x

Flowers in memory of Ronny and Keith x
The meso tree and the snow drops x

I was all geared up to see Kieran in his school play today. He was acting in the elves and the shoe maker workshop with the help of Plymouth Theatre Royal.
I got to school, signed in and was looking forward to seeing him when I was handed a program. I looked all over it, my Bean's name was not on it. I asked a teacher who went to find out why and she returned telling me that Kieran was not in it. I felt so sad inside. It turns out that the class didn't send him to his drama classes as they receive an email detailing when he would need to be free.
Kieran took it very well, he was disappointed but as the teacher said, it would be unfair to throw him in the deep end and embarrass him. I really look forward to the things he does at school. They are even more special now so missing this one was not a happy occasion.

After I left school I went onto Saltram as a friend had sent a lovely picture of snowdrops. I got there to find the meso tree had snowdrops at the base. I left some flowers there in memory of Ronny, my lovely friend who fell asleep in October and for Keith who fell asleep recently. Both are very brave warriors who I admire every day.

Kieran is with his dad over the weekend and is now on half term from school. I am looking forward to our trip to London next week, I am taking him on the London eye. It is going to be a very special trip : )


Feilin said...

can i ask will you leave a flower on your tree for my dad , another meso warrior gone four weeks at 5.50am tomorrow morning. It doesn't have to cost - even a daisy would do.

Debbie said...

Of course, I will leave one for next time I am there, so sorry i missed this post x x x