Sunday, 19 February 2012

Have a break-DOWN, have a kit-kat !!!

Well what a fun time I had after picking my car up from Chrissies house! Jayne and I got in my car, no problems starting her. We got to Jayne's, she went off in doors and then what happens???
Pfftttt..... engine stops at the bottom of Jayne's road.
Typical, it is 2:30 am in the morning, freezing cold and Halo (My car) has decided she doesn't want to play.
I rang Jayne as I know she would have told me off if I hadn't and being the master of arms in the Navy, I don't want to argue with her : )
The lovely girl came up, in her high heels still, and looked over what had happened, the battery was completely flat.
Jayne went home, got her flat shoes on while I phoned the RAC to tell them of my plight. Jayne brought back a blanket, flask of tea, and tin of biscuits (Biscwits in Jayne's language) and we then snuggled up in my car and waited for the RAC to get back in touch.
She then remembered she had a jump starter at home so we thought we should give it a try. Off she goes again and comes back with the leads. We got Halo started, brilliant, we thought, until we turned her light on.... bluegh....nothing. I was going nowhere till rescue got here.
In the mean time, I am now bursting to go for a wee, Jayne sat in the car while I made my way back to her place. When I was leaving, at aroung 3:35am, the phone went, rescue is on the way..... hooray.... he would be with us in about 10-15 minutes.
I got back to the car just as he was approaching.
The guy was such a helpful person, he got Halo started, loaded her up on his truck, I said good bye to super Jayne and suoer break donw man towed us home. At 4:20am, I got in the door, I am now ready for my bed and will be snuggling up with mu electric blanket and my kitty : )
Thank you so much Jayne and to the very, very nice man who came to my rescue.... your a knight in shining armour....thank you!!!

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