Friday, 3 February 2012

Me with Dr TOF, holding my endoscopy pics : )

I was up bright and early this morning, a very crisp day, so cold outside but thankfully, no snow. I had a shower and got dressed, preened my beautiful curly locks before getting Kieran's lunch ready and getting him out of bed. He is travel training this morning, his first one in the morning.

He got up, got himself dressed and had his breakfast, 2 crumpets and a warm orange juice drink.

I packed a small case just incase I was staying in hospital overnight and then went on my way. The sun was shining and the sky was so blue, a beautiful spring day, I appreciate seeing these things so much now, much more than I ever did and especially when I here of another warrior who has fought a valiant battle and fallen asleep.

The train journey was good, only issue I had was I couldn't have my morning cup of decaf coffee as I am nil by mouth, I miss that so much, and isn't it just typical, I was asked 3-4 times this morning if I wanted refreshments.

I arrived early at the hospital, about 10 am and was taken to my room. All very quick today, talked to the amazing and wonderful Dr TOF who has believed in me from the start. It helps so much when you not only have a Dr who knows his job but one that listens too.

I met the anesthetist and was aware of all the complications that could happen.

I got on my hospital gown and a fabulous pair of hospital knickers, my super knickers : )

I was trollied done to theatre and had the canular put in my wrist, and then waited for the experience I strangely enjoy so much, drifting off to sleep. Am I alone with this? No nerves, maybe it is trust as the team are so good.

I woke up to a nurse saying my name, "Hello Mrs Brewer, all done" and seeing the face of the fabulous Dr TOF who explained what he had seen and what he did.

I had 2 strictures which are narrowings in the oesophagus and the clip had been covered with oesophageal tissue, just like the last one. The TOF was a little pin prick which is probably why I have not had chest infections like I had before. Dr TOF put 2 small clips on the TOF and is hoping it will close up for good.

All in all, a really good day, maybe the knickers did help : )

I am staying in over night and going back to Plymouth tomorrow. I hope Kieran can get up for school tomorrow, no doubt there will be a call from mum to make sure.

Thank you so much Dr TOF, I hope this procedure helps others, especially the children born with my type. So much easier than a major op.

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