Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Raining today.

Not much happening today, I had a delightful smear test this morning.
I haven't done much else today, it is very wet outside. I don't think that we will be seeing any snow in our area. It is too warm now and also very wet.
I have been making plans about what I want to do for my birthday. I was thinking of having a party but Rich won't be here so I have decided to take Siobhan and Kieran to Ireland to visit Rich and spend my birthday there. It will be so lovely having them all together.

I sent my friend Mavis a little gift from London. When I went in the Westminster abbey shop I saw some little Victoris Crosses.
The Victoria cross is Britains highest award for gallantry which means nobility of spirit or action, courage.
As soon as I saw it I thought of 2 gallant women there and then, there were on ly 2 on the shelf otherwise I would have got a few more.
I gave one to Linda Reinstein and one to the lovely Mavis Nye. Both are courageous and gallant.
I gave Linda hers while we were in London, Mavis recieved hers yesterday, I hope she shows it off with pride.

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