Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Sunshine and sadness.

I saw my friends Chrissy and Jayne last night. Chrissy had the straiteners handy and straightened my curly locks. I love it, reminded me of one of my favourite people, Sid Vicious and the hair style he had.

The sun is shining on Plymouth this morning. I have my CT scan results this afternoon, 2:40pm. Siobhan, as always, will be by my side. I will find out if Theo has moved at all or if he has been a typical lazy man and sat on the sofa watching TV. He must be the only male I want to stay as a couch potato : )
I will also find out if the TOF is closed. I have been so much better TOF wise. No coughing while I am drinking and eating and no chest infection (Hope this isn't famous last words) for months.

Today is also Keith's celebration day, that is the sadness mentioned in the title. Such a lovely man who, like evey other meso warrior, didn't want to leave his family. Thoughts and strength are sent to Judith, Lise and family as they celebrate Keith's life and give him a day to be proud of. x x

I am going to visit the meso tree today and remeber Keith here as I am unable to get to his place of rest. x x

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