Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Taunton tomorrow.

I am seeing Dr TOF tomorrow for my dilation (Stretch the oesophagus) and removal of the last clip he put in. I have added a picture. To try and explain it is hard but here goes, the lungs are looking good, so much better than when I was diagnosed.
The oesophagus and windpipe are still connected, there is a small gap between them and this is what Dr TOF is trying to close.
There is also the clip that is sometimes obstructing anything I eat or drink, he is going to remove that.
I will have a CT scan next week and it will hopefully show that obstruction has gone.
Since having this done, I have been drinking and eating well and had no chest infections. That is so very rare for me.
I am off out to get the train for 8:30 tomorrow morning, it is going to be cold, if it has to snow, can it please wait till I get to my warm and cosy hospital bed. If I am trapped there I will have meals made and will be relaxing for a bit : )

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