Monday, 6 February 2012

Thank you Pamela x

My lovely gift from Pamela.

I had a card left by the postie on Saturday, even though I was indoors, which said I needed to pick up a parcel he tried to deliver.
I got it and opened it, how choked was I to find a lovely gift from a lady in America. Pamela lost her mother, Becky, last year. She adored her mother so much. She sent me a lovely butterfly and a card with a beautiful dragonfly necklace.
Such a lovely thing to do, thank you so much Pamela x x x

I got home to find another card left by the postie so it is back again tomorrow to pick up Siobhan's parcel.

I dragged myself into the 21st century today, I got myself an iPad!
I am clueless with technology, thank goodness for Siobhan, she helps me so much with it all and is very patient with me.
I also got myself a dictaphone so I can start writing my book. This one has a program on a disc that will type it!!! I shall see how I go, I am looking forward to starting the first chapter : )

Love to my friend, Mavis, who is feeling very under the weather at the moment. Get well soon Mavis x x
Still no snow in Plymouth, it is cold and dry, I don't mind the snow, just not too keen on the ice. If it does happen, we have enough in the cupboards to keep us going for a few days.

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