Thursday, 16 February 2012

What a fabulous day.

Kieran and I set off at around 8:15 to get our train. I got a bit of a scare first of all as the neighbours car was parked in front of my garage. All was ok when it was politely removed with lots of apologies, no harm done. We made the train in plenty of time. We had a good journey, Kieran on his iPad playing family fortunes and asking me questions, it passed the time.
We got to London at about 12:30pm, got Kieran some head phones and then made our way to the taxi rank to get a cab to the hotel.
We got in there, dropped our bags and then had a knock on the door, it was Linda from America, such a lovely lady who works so hard for her organisation ADAO.
We chatted and laughed and then went off to a meeting. Kieran came too and sat in a room across from us, iPad in tow : )
The meeting was great, we came out and then made our way around the sites. Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Queenie was in, and Big Ben. Pictures, laughter and fun, it was all smiles. Linda talked about how she had been working her "fanny"off. I told her the meaning of "fanny" in the UK, red faces all round, not her fault, it gets lost in translation.
We had so much fun that Linda forgot about her other meeting, an interview, as we were returning to the hotel ....... scrub are arrangements to go for something to eat : )
Kieran and I settled in our room while Linda did her interview.
When she came back, we went out to eat, such a lovely meal. Walking back Linda was horrified to see an enormous eagle on top of the US embassy building, She asked whos idea it would have been to put it there, I reminded her that the Americans do every thing big : )

We are all settled in our hotel rooms now and ready for tomorrows fun.
Kieran and I on the London eye, meeting my lovely friend, Ronny's son, another meeting and then off to see my lovely cousin, Justine, who I haven't seen since 2008.
...... Phew, what a fantastic day : )

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