Wednesday, 28 March 2012

.... and breathe!!!!

Wow, what a busy day, I had work this morning, 10 till 1. Had a couple of messages through from media. The story was out about the families who went to the high court about when payments should be started from. 5 judges ruled that it should be from the time a person inhales the dust. Such a tainted victory for these warriors. They have stuck with this injustice and won...well done all of you.
I did 2 radio interviews, a local paper interview and a TV interview. The TV one was supposed to go out tonight but it didn't. No worries, I am so proud of those families.
I had a call about returning to work which I had forgot about... Do'h.
I eventually got out to get some shopping at 3pm. I wanted to make sure Siobhan and David had enough things in the house and the cats had enough food.
I got home, dropped off the shopping and then off out to Kieran's school for parents evening..... phew...... Home again, with the Bean and his dad as I had bought the Bean a new phone because his dad has put his through the wash.
They missed the bus, waited for the next one, went to get it and 30 minutes later to say it hadn't turned up. I go again on the car to drop them off.
I have now settled down, no cooking, we had a takeaway Indian curry. I finished off my talk for the conference and am ready to finish my packing.

Passport - Check
Travel insurance and letter from Dr - Check
E-ticket - Check
Conference information - Check
Talk and power point - Check

I think that is it. I am going to get an early night tonight as I will be away at 5 tomorrow morning. Bye my warrior friends, see you in LA : )

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