Friday, 23 March 2012

Another beautiful day.

The sun is gorgeous today, it is like a summers day. I went to Kieran's assembly this morning, his class were doing a question of sport in their own style. Kieran was the quiz master, he was really good. As it is sports relief today, all the children brought in a £1 and wore red.
Kieran made the assembly laugh when he corrected his teachers spelling mistake.
After the assembly I went to see my friend Celia. She has just come out of hospital.
After having a coffee and chat with Celia, I went home and met Siobhan, we picked up a couple of her parcels and then went to have a bite of lunch. My cheese baguette was a very welcome lunch, I had been pining for one all morning.
We had lunch, did some shopping and then came home, it is such a lovely day and I hope it lasts.
I had my hair trimmed yesterday, it is growing really quick now. Jacqui, my hairdresser friend, dyed my fringe black and the back of my hair black. I am going to dye the rest red. I am trying to get it back to how it was before the chemo kicked it out.
Over the weekend I am going to start packing for LA. I am so excited, I leave on Thursday and am back on Monday..... Wonderful : )

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