Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Beautiful day today.

The wonderful Meso tree x x
Saltram house in the bank ground and me flanked by daffs.
Shirley and I.
Beautiful Daffodils.

Shirley's gorgeous cats.

Kieran went off to school, he wasn't keen to go. He said he had a bad ankle from doing something yesterday, He only mentioned it this morning, dear little chap, trying to limp around the house and get me to say what is wrong, I am a cruel muvmuv : )
He eventually mentioned it, I told him I would take him to school in the car as he said he may have problems walking to the us stop. That was a definite no!!! He wants to get on his bus and do it all by himself, He came home this afternoon and hasn't said a word..... Hhhmmmm.... Maybe I was right, maybe he was faking it, I know one thing, his acting is terrible, he won't be winning any Oscars any time soon : )

I did a bit of house work and then went out to meet Shirley, her husband has mesothelioma. She is so frightened, terrified of losing him. It is so sad to see what this disease does to people. I got lost....of course..... had to ring Shirley, she came to meet me, I wasn't far off were she lived.
We went to Saltram park, such a beautiful day, the daffodils were out, a beautiful smiling yellow greeted us, so lovely. We had lunch and then had a wonder to the meso tree, it is looking so good, so healthy. All the snowdrops have finished now but the weeds are thriving at the base of the tree : )
After our lovely afternoon, I dropped Shirley back to her place, I know where it is now.... I had a coffe and met 2 of her gorgeous cats. Mike, her husband was there, he was looking well and was looking forward to their holiday they had booked.
I said goodbye to Shirley and Mike and went to Matalan to get Kieran some red clothes for Friday, it is sports relief day so he will be wearing red, found a nice dress for LA....Well why not, made my way home in time to meet the Bean who is now fully recovered.
I am off out tonight with my friend, Tina. She goes to Japan next week to meet her new Grand daughter, how exciting, so we will mostly be chatting about our trips. Tomorrow I have work, I am feeling more confident that I was when I first went back. I have such a lovely team, such a shame we all get moved around so much, but for now, I am enjoying being with them.

I have started the Royal Marsden courses again. I did it last year, working with Mesothelioma Uk to answer questions from a patients point of view for the nurses who are studying. It is really interesting and the questions deal with lots of issues concerning mesothelioma, I am so proud to be asked to take part again.

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