Sunday, 18 March 2012

Happy Mothers day.

Siobhan's beautiful card.

My little Bean's special card.

To all mums, TOF mums, Meso Mums and my friends, have a wonderful day.
To all those who don't have their mums, I am sending you so much love today on what must be a very painful day for you. Special thoughts go to Robert and his family who lost Ronny, Anita's family in Australia and Julie and her family, also from Australia. Your angel mums are watching over you x x x

I have had a lovely day with Siobhan and Kieran. Not done much, went to see my sister and then back home to my lovely babies. I had a beautiful hand made card from Siobhan, so very special, not another one like it in the world. Kieran got me a card and wrote such beautiful things in it and Siobhan got me 2 bars of Cadbury's fruit and nut.
Not heard from Rich, I think he is busy with the girls, treating their mum to a fabulous day, well I hope so : )
The best gift, and I know I keep saying it, is being here for my 6th mother's day since diagnosis.
We are having pizza for tea as a treat, no cooking today : )
Thank you babies for a lovely day and for making it very special x x x

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