Saturday, 17 March 2012

Happy St Patricks day.

Happy St Patrick's day to all my family and FB friends, especially my son Richard who is spending his first one in Ireland ................

............... And for all you dog lovers.......
Lunch with Celia x x

Celia and I.
My lunch, I took Celia round some a peice of carrot cake and some elderflower brew as well, makes a change from water : )
My lovely friend, Celia is just getting over a knee replacement operation. She has had complications with the op but is now getting over it and hoping to be home tomorrow.
As she is unable to get out anywhere at the moment, I thought it would be a good idea to have lunch with her, So I took mine in and sat with her. We chatted about work, she is off sick too. She is hoping to be out of hospital tomorrow. She has had a lot of heart ache over the past few months, losing her lovely husband and then having all this to contend with. She does it all with a smile. I enjoyed being with her today, it has been a while since we got together. I am sure we will be making up for it : )
When I left the hospital I saw the Devon Air Ambulance take off. What a wonderful service this is, all funded by charity. So proud to see it, it makes me smile everytime it flies past. It is helping to save someones life and who knows when we may need it one day. One of the essential services that needs to be funded by the government.

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