Saturday, 24 March 2012

Lovely night with the girls.

Avis's dogs, Billy and Daisy... so cute x
A few of my wonderful friends... Chrissy, Jayne, Avis and little 'ol me : )

I haven't done much today, my right shoulder has been playing up, not sure why so its back to the pain killers.
I went out to Avis's house with Chrissie and Jayne this evening. We had a pizza and a movie night, we watched super 8, not realy sure what I think of it, it seemed to be a tribute to so many monster and alien movies and had a ring of stand by me to it.
I decided I would wear a new skirt this evening, it was in the sales at Tescos. I put it on and found it was very tight to walk in. I kept thinking that when I take it off it will be in the charity bag or on ebay as I could hardly stride in it. Getting in the car was another matter, I had to ride it up to my thighs to even get in and sit down....bloody skirt.
It is a nice one, a pin striped. Well, I struggle out of the car and up the stairs at Avis's house. It is annoying me now. I needed a wee so went to the bathroom, the skirt was so tight, as I lifted it up....crack....... a stitch went. Stupid me, it was stitched were the split was!!! How dumb am I, oh well, something to tell the grand children, if I ever have any.
I had a lovely evening with the girls, got home at 11:45pm. not too bad, the clocks change hour less in the day...... not so bad, it's an hour closer to going to LA : )

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