Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Morning from a facebook free house.

I logged on this morning and found that facebook was down. I will now have to get a life : )
I am not working today, back in tomorrow. I can certainly feel the difference. I feel wiped out when I come home and I can hear all my warrior friends shouting at the screen, "take it easy" as that is what I do ; )
The meso meeting is today, it will be good to catch up with all the local warriors. Siobhan is doing so well setting up the website for the group. We went to see Kate, the specialist nurse yesterday. The charity is going well too, All added to companies house, Richard from the National asbestos helpline (NAH) and I are seeing our plans come into fruition. We both hope it takes off and is a success.
Still waiting for my E-ticket from Virgin. I am a panic merchant and will be OCD'd up soon if it doesn't come through. I have a new passport so hope that it will calm me a bit and stop me continuously looking at the date!
So much going on this month, all for the good : )

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