Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Mothers day activities with Kieran.

I have work this morning, Just for 2 hours, I am enjoying being back and am making new friends.
This afternoon I am going to see Kieran in his school. The school has a mothers day activities afternoon. I am looking forward to it, not many more days left like this as he is growing up so fast. I might just squeeze one in next year : )
Kieran talked to me about when he leaves school this morning. So lovely, he said "I bet your happy that you may see me leave school next year and see my leavers assembly". Yes I am happy, it is just over a year away, I don't usually like thinking that far ahead but thought how lovely of him to think of that. I am so proud of him, he has had a lot to come through and is coping well.
I am very happy about getting to another Mothers day and I know I always say it but I do have the best gift ever. I hope to see many more, I am very proud of my children. Siobhan is doing well with her business, Rich is settled with his new family and the Bean, well, always surprising me. I am also very proud that I am still here with you all. Theo has ben a gem, I hope he continues to look after me. : )

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