Friday, 30 March 2012


I got up at 3:45am for my journey to London. I did my usual worry and was looking for my lead to connect the camera to the computer. After much fuffing around I decided to buy another one at the airport. The airport transport arrived promptly at 5:00am and I started my journey London.
I met Christina at the airport, she runs IATP which is an asbestos training provider. She is talking at the conference too. I got to check in, told the girl I had special assistance to which the reply was "well you don't have a wheel chair" although it was written on the screen. I should have pushed it but I really couldn't be bothered with her ignorance.
We went to first class where I mentioned I should have assistance. The lady there took my details and we settled down for a coffee and some breakfast, well a bowl of fruit.
When it was time to leave there was no one around so Christine and I made our own way to the gate. When we got on we were in 2 different areas. We made sure we walked around to each others pod as we were in first class : )
Our flight was delayed for an hour and a half so we didn't leave till about 1pm, we were supposed to leave at 11:30am. This was due to a computer failure so the whole lot had to be rebooted and checked again.
While waiting to leave I had a eureka moment...... The camera lead, I remembered where it was, It is in my case, in my shoe. No wonder I couldn't find it!!!
My entertainment system didn't work. The cabin staff tried to reboot it but it wouldn't do anything so I decided to have a couple of hours sleep.
I woke up and went to see Christine who had got no sleep. We decided to swap pods as I could then watch TV and she could sleep in my pod. I watched "my week with Marilyn" which was a charmingly sad fim. The girl who played Marilyn Monroe was so good that it could have been Marilyn on screen.
After that I watched "Jack and Jill" with Adam Sandler. So funny although I missed the end of it due to us landing.
So I have gone from 3:45am to 11:30pm with 2 hours sleep...... yawn!!!
We got assistance the LA end as the the girls were disgusted that I didn't get it at the UK end. Someone famous got off the plane first with his girl friend, some guy called Jessie Metcalfe, I had to google who he was. I wish I had taken more notice now : )

I have a slight snooze in the hotel room for about 30 minutes and then a quick change to meet Linda for dinner at a mexican place. We had people from 5 nations there, all coming together to fight the injustice of asbestos. I was flagging by 8pm LA time, which was about 1am UK time. By the time I got back to the hotel it was probably about 3:45am LA time so that would be 22 hours with no sleep, Mmmmm.... should be interesting. I managed to get to sleep but was wide awake at 10:00am UK time which is 2:00am LA time. I am doing this blog and will then get some ZZZzzzz's. See you tomorrow x x x

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Jan said...

Debbie, If you get a chance to meet Prof Suh or Dr Abtin from UCLA give them my regards. You never know they may be speaking at the Conference, Dr Cameron has created an Mesothelioma Outcentre there as well.

Enjoy the sunshine.