Saturday, 3 March 2012

What a great week.

Work yesterday was good. I had 2 hours of finding out what had changed and seeing more faces I knew. So good to be back, I have missed being in work. I have a medical assessment on 12th March with the Dr appointed by occupational health. Until I see the Dr, things will be very easy as my manager wants to be guided on how to re-train me.
I am back in again on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 2 hours each day. Yesterday I came home and fell asleep on the sofa. I will soon get used to the work routine.
Today has been pretty quiet, Kieran was supposed to be with his dad for the weekend but they have had a disagreement so he is back home. While writing this, Kieran has decided to go back to his dad's. I think he just loves the bus rides. He got a bus from his dad's, went into the city centre, got a bus to ours. He is now getting a bus to Crownhill, a village near us and then down to St budo. So I will be Beanless this weekend.
All is very quiet, I am just going to enjoy it before Monday's return to work. I am looking forward to Friday as Kieran has a mother's day afternoon at his school for Mum's, Sister's and Aunties. Should be fun : )

Good luck to my lovely friend Mavis who had her scan yesterday, I hope all is good with the results.

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