Monday, 19 March 2012

Work today.

Kieran got up and got ready for school, he has new trousers. He is growing so fast, he is so like Richard, tall and skinny. Trousers are the right length but enormous around the waist. Thank goodness for adjustable waist bands : )
I went off to work for my 2 hours, ordered a new phone, the iphone 4S, should be interesting. I will have to learn how to use it as I am a real technophobe. Terrible for someone who works for a mobile phone company : )
I got back from work and met with Siobhan and her boyfriend, David, getting ready go out. They were going in town. I offered them a lift as I was going in, we went in, ambled around some charity shops, which we love doing, and then had some lunch. I left them on their journey and went on to do my few chores, well not so much chores. I had a voucher from my sister, Wendy, fr Christmas and thought it was about time I cashed it in. I bought some make up, Urban Decay, such lovely colours and good stuff.
I got a few bits for next week as I am off to LA on Thursday 29th for Linda's conference.
I got home in time to meet Kieran. I did tell him I was in town and would take him home if he wanted to meet me but no, he didn't want that, he is enjoying going on the bus on his own.

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