Friday, 13 April 2012

3 days off!!!

Well done to my lovely friend, Mavis Nye, her blog is on the left of this page.
She has gained some of her life back. We have all been so worried about her as she was feeling so down after having a miserable diagnosis with her Dr with her latest scan. The scan was re-read after the Dr requested it and she has got a stable disease ,Well done Mavis x x x

Right, update..... I worked yesterday, did my 3 hours and have discussed going on the phones next week. Thursday I will do an hour ..... ooeerrrr!!!! I remember my first time on the phones in Orange, I was terrified, I cried like a baby after my first call. It isn't just me, everyone I talk to says the same, that initial call is awful.
This time though I have 6 years of experience behind me so it shouldn't be as bad but I am feeling nervous.
Kieran should be back to school next week but Tuesday he is staying home, he is terrified about seeing the cyber bully in school. I am happy for him to stay home and will go in on Wednesday as Tuesday I am working.

So, what to do with my 3 days???

I am not doing much today, got to get some more anti biotics as the chest infection has nearly gone but as I have a mild ache in my back, I know there is a little left.

I have booked Kieran and I on a train to Telford next week as we will be meeting Jane and Ed. I met Jane through facebook, She lost her dad to mesothelioma. Jane and Ed do a radio show on Saturdays, it is on the internet, I will add the link at the end of this blog. They have asked Kieran if he would like to come up to their show, he may even play on it, not sure. He is so excited and I am because I will meet Jane after years of chatting to her on FB.

This is the message Jane and Ed out on their FB page.


We have just announced some exciting news for Kieran Brewer from Plymouth who is going to come and visit Radio Nova on The Jane & Ed Show on Saturday 21st April. Kieran is going to come and meet the team and have a go at doing some of his own presenting. We will also be raising awareness on the Dangers of Asbestos. Keep checking this page or check our website. for further details.

We are so excited : )

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