Sunday, 15 April 2012

Busy day yesterday.

Table top and carboot sale.
The view in my car, This is Elise, my nodding cat : )
Celia with my award.

Jypsy, Celia's gorgeous new baby.

Maryann, my lovely friend.
Sylvia's cake made by my wonderful cake lady, Amanda.
Cake courtesy of Amanda's icing on the cake. Google Amanda and Mark's website.

I have started my second lot of anti-biotics. They seem to be doing the trick.
I went out to a car boot/table top sale with Siobhan and her BF David yesterday, we jostled our way through some very determined pensioners focused on a bargain and not were they were going, Push chairs rammed into the back of leg and a general free for all, yes, it's the great british bargain hunt!!!!
Siobhan found a set of Sylvanian persian cats, another of her collectables. Not much more there that we could see, too many people in a small space : )
We decided to talk a look at the charity shops along Mutley Plain, not far from the sale.
We visited them all and found some goodies in there, I found a leopard pribt top, of course I hear you say : ) Siobhan found a dress and skirt.
After that we came home and had lunch, Kieran was off to his dads. I asked him to lock up before he left, which he did, well done Bean.
I fell alseep on the sofa and woke up to a call from my friend, Celia, who I said I was going to see as she had had a knee replacement op recently. I wanted to go and see her anyway as she has a new member of the family, little Jypsy, a sweet little puppy.
Well.... Jypsy, How cute is she, she played and cuddled and eventually fell asleep on my lap. So cute. Celia is slowly getting back on her feet, still a long way to go, a lot of physio, So good to see her.
I left Celia and quickly got ready to go out and see my friend Maryann. It is her mother-in laws birthday today and last night there was a little get together for her. We had a meal and then went onto a club where we stayed the rest of the evening. I wasn't intending getting home late and looked at my phone, 11:45!!! when did that happen???
It was a good night, well a good day in-fact. I am back to work tomorrow so today I am going to chill out and catch up with things that need to be done.


Just a little note to say Get Well soon Janelle.
She is a meso warrior who is in hospital at the moment. I am sure the warriors and all at meso and me won't mind me telling Janelle that we all send her our love and strength and hope she is back on the mend very soon.

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