Thursday, 5 April 2012

Catch up

The picture taken by my GP in her surgery.

I went back to work today, I have a lovely team I am on. I came home and had a sleep.

After catching up with that I got ready to go to the Dr.'s. My GP is lovely, I took my award to show her, she asked if she could take a picture of me with it to put on her wall in her surgery. I was more than willing to let her. I an so pleased she is proud of me as a patient and what I am doing. She also asked if she could mention it in the surgery newsletter. I told her she could and I was happy to write a little piece if she wanted me too. We then got down to why I was at the surgery, chest infection!!! She was shocked to see that I hadn't seen her about a chest infection since last May. How good is that : )

Yesterday was busy, so much catching up to do but so good to be home. Kieran came home from his dad's. He has been loving the traveling on buses. I can't keep him in : ) I do tell him to text me where he is and what bus he is on. Yesterday morning I went to the South West Mesothelioma Support Group. It was great to see all the south west warriors. We had a picture taken with us all with my award, Such a great group.
When I got home I took Stork to the vets as he has a sore eye. All checked out by the vet who was taken with him as he is such an elegant cat.
Home again and am trying to catch up with everything.

I picked up a new phone in work today, the iPhone 4S. I will have to get technical now: )

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Jan said...

Well done Debbie

Gosh that must of been a flying visit to LA. So proud of you

Jan xx