Tuesday, 10 April 2012

A must catch up!!!

Happy Easter x x x

I have not blogged for a couple of days, I have been working over the Easter weekend so have put the blog to the side. I really need to catch up on it all.
On Saturday I went into work and was greeted with an Easter egg from my boos which was lovely, that really made me feel part of the team.
I went to my friend, Jayne's for lunch after work yesterday. I met Chrissy, Cheryl and Viki there. We had a lovely afternoon.
All back to normal today, Kieran is back to school next Tuesday, got a few issues to sort out again but I am sure we will have no problems with that. Kieran has grown up so much, he is now traveling on buses, but he isn't obssessed!!!
He went to his dad's on Saturday, about 8pm and didn't get home till 10pm. He won't let me take him or pick him up and insists on doing everything himself. I have told him he needs to be safe so mum and dad need to know where he is. He reluctantly allows us to monitor him, not happy about it but they are the rules he has or he doesn't go, Muvmuv will take him : )

I went to a car boot sale with siobhan and her BF David, we met my friend Mandy there. Well, bargains galore!!! Siobhan found quite a few my little ponies. She tidies them up and sometimes repaints them and sells them on. She has made a really special one for her friends birthday, it has it's own design and colour, Such lovely work.

I found a telescope for Kieran as he has said he is interested in the nights sky. Not bad for £3.
Mandy found lots of little treasures for her grand daughter. A washing machine, micro wave, ironing board, I think she is going to be very busy.

Well, must get ready for work, day off tomorrow and back in on Thursday and then free till next Monday!!

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