Thursday, 26 April 2012

Wow, what is happening to my blog????

My blogger format is completely different, Google has been playing, got to work out where everything is now!!
I went into work today, I was going on the phones for an hour but as most of my colleagues were in training I just listened to calls. The day seems so much longer. It has been agreed that I up my hours from 12 to 16 next week and see how I go. Today I came home a flopped out on the sofa. I was out for an hour, so tired. I am hoping it will get better the longer I go on.

I will be on the phone for 2 hours each day and it will be 4 days next week.

Kieran seems alright at school, he has had some comments shouted to him but we are keeping notes and he is telling his teacher. I will keep track of it.

Tomorrow I don't have work, nothing till Monday so a really good rest and relax is in order : )

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