Saturday, 21 April 2012

Off to Telford and a surprise for Kieran.

Bye bye bad boiler!!!!
Off to Telford with my Bean : )
Jane and Ed sharing the warriors award from ADAO : )
Gizmo, one of Jane and Ed's cats

To listen to Radio Nova click on the link below and it will download to your computer.

Kieran and I were up early to ready ourselves for Telford. I am meeting Jane and her husband, Ed, for the first time after chatting on Facebook for around 4 years. Jane and Ed are meso warriors, Jane lost her dad to mesothelioma a little over a year ago. I am so excited about our first meet, it is like seeing a long lost sister. Meeting warriors is always wonderful but I do wish it was in different circumstances.
Siobhan and David were up and about as well because our boiler was being removed and a new one put in. (Poor Wallet still in pain from the cost!!!)
Kieran and I left at 9:30 to start our long journey from Plymouth to Telford. Our train left at 10:25, we changed at Birmingham new street and got to Telford at around 3pm. was like the time I met Heather a few weeks ago and what happens with most warriors when we meet for the first time. I spotted Jane and Ed and rushed towards Jane, poor girl, I flung my arms around her neck, hers around mine and we had tears rolling down our faces. We held onto each other so tightly, as I said before, it is like seeing a long lost sister.
Jane took us to her house and then onto have something to eat. Ed and Kieran chatted about music and radio, Kieran is so excited about being in a real studio.
We then left and went to Jane and Ed's house where Ed picked up so equipment. Then it was off to the studio. Kieran;s face lit up when he saw it. He was actually going to be sitting in front of a microphone with headphones just like a real DJ.
My heart was smiling, I was so happy that his dream was about to become a reality. After the careers teacher telling him to lower his expectations to shelf filling, this was one in the eye for him : )
Jane, Kieran and I left Ed to sort out the studio....... STUDIO!!!! Wow, it is so wonderful.
Jane too us to her house to meet her 2 cats and await Ed's return. Poor Ed was so busy but I could see just how much he enjoys what he does, this little radio station is run by volunteers, it is for the community. Ed eventually arrived home, he chatted to Kieran and then came the surprise.... Kieran is hosting the Jane and Ed show tomorrow between 12 and 2, maybe longer!!! Kieran's face was a picture, he couldn't believe it. How proud am I as well, this was wonderful, what a lovely thing to do. So DJ KIDSAN will be in dad house today!!!
Radio Nova, thank you so much Jane and Ed, how wonderful it is to see Kieran so grown up and doing something on his own. I sat back and left him to it. I will add pictures to the blog and add a link for anyone who would like to listen in. The radio show will be on all day as it is St George's day, Lots of celebrations but I will be celebrating something more special, seeing DJ Kidsan work his magic : )

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