Thursday, 19 April 2012

Poor Wallet!!!

Well, it seems the new boiler will cost us a fortune, we have to have a complete flue put in as the one in the roof space is a death trap, what do they search for when a survey is done? Is the boiler covered at all? The C O gases have been coming out for I don't know how long, probably before we moved in. Such an amateur job done. With all the sickness and hospital visits I have put off the boiler but I did call up before I went to LA and had to wait weeks for an appointment.
It is one of those "in hindsight" moments when I wish I had done it as soon as I moved in but I assumed, shouldn't really, that the boiler had a service before we got in the house. The boiler service was cancelled in 2007 so it has had nothing since then. It is one of the worst boilers to have as well, having to wait weeks for parts as they come from Germany. My friend, Tina, had one and she changed hers so I know the gas guy was being honest.
The engineers will be coming tomorrow morning to fix everything and because they have to go on the roof as well, the price is astronomical.

And then there is school, yes, what a tale that is. I know the snoops will be watching and they can feed back how unhappy I am with it all. It will be resolved, I am determined of that, I won't rest until it is. No child should have bullying in school and outside. The anti bullying policy should be enough, if I was being bullied in work, I could take out a grievance but this is school. Abuse comes in many forms, not just physical, the mental abuse is, if not more, damaging sometimes.
I am not mentioning the name of the school, the head teacher or anyone and I will not be told that I should use tough love on my son or get any stupid phone calls moaning about my comments on my own blog!!! it is a blog, thats what I do on here, BLOG!!!

Well I am going to forget about it all for the weekend as Kieran and I will have some quality time together. He has been invited on to a radio show , Radio Nova, it is on the internet, he will be on the Jane and Ed show. I have known Jane a couple of years, she is one of our warriors. She lost her dad to mesothelioma so it will be lovely to meet her at last.

Kieran will start a new week on Monday with no bullying.

Well, I am off to work today, having an hour on the phones this morning.... oooerrrr!!! I am sure it will be fine, I know some of the systems. I am just hoping my first caller will be gewntle with me : )

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