Saturday, 21 April 2012

St George's day, in pictures.

DJ Kidsan gets his official T-shirt, he is now part of Team Radio Nova.
While Ed and Kieran sorted out the outside broadcast, Jane and I hit the shops, charity shops, my favourite thing to do : )
On the way we met the local constabulary. This police man was kind enough to let me have a picture with him.
Karly and Dale, the first two presenters this morning.
The St George's day parade, Jane, Kierana nd I watched as Newport city centre became a stage.
I got a picture with Peter, the town crier. He was a very cheeky chappy!
Ooppps.... I think I've
St George and his apprentice : )
Is he seeing double?
The children came along in fancy dress and won the prizes for best costume.
The dragon has the damsel, can St George save her?
Naughty dragon!!!!
Ed, Kieran and Jane get ready for the show.
DJ Kidsan on the radio.
Ed and his new side kick, Kieran.
The Jane, Kieran and Ed show, according to Kieran, he has sacked Ed.
Kieran enjoying what he is doing.
Jane and I with our lovely tiaras.
Kieran did another show later with Alex. Thanks Alex for supporting him.
Something to eat after such a busy and exciting day.
The fabulous warriors, Jane and Ed. Thank you so much for allowing Kieran to experience what goes on behind the scene of a radio show and for letting him be a part of it all. We will definitely be seeing you both again. We have both enjoyed this weekend so much.

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