Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Up early and off to Radio Devon.

Radio Devon with Matt Woodley.
Radio Plymouth with Gordon sparks.

I was up at 6am this morning, unbelievable!!! Can't believe I was in my car by 6:40am and at the BBC studios at 6:50am.
I am talking about the latest news on the compensation claims. I agree there has to be something done as this is a culture, but it was created by lawyers and who will still benefit? Lawyers!!! They won't be affected at all, they will still tout for business and make even worse adverts than they have now.
Mesothelioma and other life threatening illnesses need to be separate from the broken arm or whiplash. A life cannot be seen the same as a broken arm.
It is being debated today, I hope the MP's do the sensible thing and target the people who abuse this which is mainly the lawyers.
Good luck to my lovely friend Mavis who is doing media her end as well.

I am off to work today, start at 9:30am and will be on the phones for an hour. Off to school for a meeting at 2:45 pm so I hope things get sorted for Kieran.
Tomorrow will be a day to relax, well I hope. Day off from work so catching up with washing and housework.

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