Monday, 23 April 2012

A very, very busy day today.

I was up early today to get ready for school this morning but before that I had to get my neighbour to move her daughter's car away from my garage. This was done, no problems at all. I am so lucky to have such good neighbours. I then got Kieran up and ready for school, he wanted to get the bus, I did offer him a lift but he loves to get the bus in. When I got there I waited to speak to Kieran's teacher and made sure he was safe before I left. Then it was off to work, in all the commotion I had left my work stuff behind. I listened to calls and did some refresh training on the computer, tomorrow i will be on the phones for an hour.

I left work and had a call from the local radio. They are doing a piece about the mesothelioma compensation claimants giving 25% to lawyers.
When I had finished talking, I made my way home. Siobhan was out, just me and the cats. I got some washing and before I knew it Kieran was home. Just like it, his TV isn't working so it was call Argos and speak to technical support. TV is faulty, it is only 4 months old so still under warranty. I then had to search for the receipt which I duly kissed when I found it. Off to Argos I go to get another one, home with the TV and set it up....phew....all done... Now to try and relax and think about the early start in the morning. Off to the radio station for an interview about the same subject, home again then off to work. Hopefully a less busy day tomorrow.

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