Tuesday, 17 April 2012

What an eventful day.

Kieran didn't go to school today, there are bullying issues again which need to be sorted out before he goes back.
I went to work for 2 hours as I had British Gas coming around to check my boiler as the hot water in the bath isn't quite right. What a shock, the flue in the loft is broken, well, I say broken, I don't think it has ever been fixed up properly. The boiler itself is giving off CO 2s which are off the scale so it's no hot water or heating until it is fixed, the boiler has been condemned.
Such a shock, It upset me that I hadn't done anything about it when we moved in as I would never intentionally put my children at risk.
I didn't do it as so many other things were going on that it got pushed to the back. So pleased I have done it now but I just feel so terrible.
Tomorrow I will discuss what happens next and it looks like the work will be done on Friday when I am away. I will check with Siobhan that she is happy for it to go ahead then.

No work tomorrow and off to school in the afternoon to sort out things for the Bean.
Thursday I am at work and the Friday I am off to Wales with Kieran to see Jane and Ed. They have a radio show, I will add the link to their show on here, so if anyone wants to listen in or make a request, let me know and I will pass it on.

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